Floor Vibration Studies

Floor vibration will cause unreliable measurements

Vibrations will show up in your measurement data if they are not controlled. Floor vibrations are one of the largest culprits behind unreliable measurements. If these vibrations are not managed before they reach the measurement system they will produce inaccuracies and nonreal artifacts in your final measurement data.  

Poor floor stability
Adequate floor stability

Above shows a comparison of two live views using an optical microscope. Both views show the microscope imaging a grooved surface at 2500X magnification. There is a constant image “shake” in the live view when the microscope was used on a poor floor. Once it was moved to a better floor (second image) it is hard to tell that the image is shaking at all.

Let us help you determine your floor's stability

We will come to your facility test your floor’s stability. Then we will provide you with the results for further discussion. We use our in-house developed seismic accelerometer kit to measure the frequency content of your floor. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

From there, we run the data through a post processing script to generate industry standard Vibration Criteria curves. These curves will tell us how much vibration your floor exhibits. From there, we can direct you on what is needed to mitigate these vibration. 

We will guide you

Once we know how solid your floor is we will guide you to the right vibration isolation solution for your measurement needs. It is possible that your facility has a rock solid floor and your measurement equipment will not need any additional isolation. However, many of our customers rely on quality measurement data and cannot afford to take that chance. 

Feel confident in your data

You make important decisions based on the measurement data your collect. Don’t allow floor vibrations to erode your confidence in your data. 

We will make sure that the right tools are in place to maximize the data quality regardless of floor vibration levels in your facility.

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.