About Us

Advancing our customer's capabilities is our business.

We are in business to help our customers make advancements core to their own company’s success. 

We believe that if we remove measurement burdens off of people trying to manufacture complicated parts that they will be able to make a bigger impact towards their own company’s mission.


We are a vertically integrated manufacturing company with access to 220,000 sqft of production capacity. We utilize in-house machining, wiring, electronics manufacturing, and assembly technicians to build the products that solve our customers’ problems. 

We can meet the scale and demand from any of our customers. Whether that means a single tool or dozens. 

Development lab

Our lab space is ideal for carrying out proof of concept testing and product development efforts. We have a number of flexible machines that accept a variety of microscopes and measurement sensors. Our team will configure the equipment to meet your application requirements prior to testing.

Let us prove our equipment before you buy.


Our team is assembled to provide our customers with exceptional services. Leverage our engineering and support personnel as an extension of you staff. 

Our Specialization Extends Your Capabilities


We will walk you through the buying and implementation process of our equipment.


We make what we sell and deliver quality products because of it.

Process Engineering

We will test your application in our lab to prove capability while reducing your project's risk.

Product Design

We reinvest more back into our products than a typical machine builder. Keeping us ahead of the technology curve.

Precision Tool Design

50 years of engineering experience in tool design is applied to each one of our customer's projects.


We strive to reduce operator burden and increase process robustness through automation.

We are an Aerotech company


We have a unique relationship with Aerotech Inc, a global manufacturer of precision motion control and automation equipment. Through this partnership we offer enabling technologies that seamlessly combine precision measurement processes with industrial automation tools.


Together, we also offer extensive engineering and manufacturing resources to tackle projects of any complexity and scale. 

Visit Aerotech at http://aerotech.com.

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.