Our products solve your metrology challenges.

Our products are developed to solve widespread challenges and are segmented based on the measurement technology needed to solve your application. 

Microscope Positioning stages

Stages for the following measurement technologies

sensor positioning equipment

Motion equipment for the following sensor technologies

Need Help Selecting The Right Product?

There’s a lot to consider as you search for the right solution. We provide consultation every step of the way.

Choosing the right technology

Don’t have a sensor technology selected? That’s OK. We’ll identify the right measurement tools for you application.

Tools for All Environments

Whether the tool is destined for a lab, a cleanroom, or the production floor, we’ll walk you through every relevant consideration.

Setting Users Up for Success

All tool operators are not created equally. We’ll provide options that enhance usability for a wide range of user groups and skill sets.

Ready to solve your challenge with tools designed to meet your needs?