Measurement Sensor Positioning Equipment

Surface measurement data, precisely how you need it

Our customers lean on us to add motion to their surface measurement processes. They trust us to enable measurement data that allows them to control their manufacturing processes and perform fundamental research. This allows them to make better, data-driven decisions.

Our motion solutions

#1 - Benchtop stages

For single-axis scan motion

Positioning stages (linear/rotary) and controllers for a variety of benchtop scanning needs. 

Product for this device

PM-1 (Single Axis)

#2 - Operator-led tools

For multi-axis motion applications

Programmable tools used for R&D and small batch production measurements. 

Products for this device

PM-O (Operator)

#3 - Automation cells

Operates near line to your production

These cells interface with your existing production line.

Product for this device

PM-A (Automated)

Which option fits your needs the best?

Challenges we solve

Motion for 3D profilometry and thickness measurement

Configured to your measurement needs

Eliminating measurement errors caused by motion systems

Equipment specified to meet your error budget

Interfacing your measurement data with a variety of analysis software packages

Surface analysis and CAD compare

Machine design, manufacturing, and installation

Use our team as an extension of yours

Purpose-built motion tools for measurement sensors

Whether your tools are being used by researchers, operators, or loaded by a robot, our motion solutions will enable your measurement process to achieve the results you’re looking for. 

We build machines that add motion to your measurement sensor(s)

Order a machine that is designed and built to meet your exact requirements. Your measurement needs are unique. Your measurement equipment should be too.

Have questions? Contact an expert. 

Sensors we integrate


Laser, interferometric, chromatic confocal point sensors. Ideal for profile measurements requiring excellent accuracy and vertical resolution.


Vision systems and cameras. Implemented for fiducial recognition, defect detection, and alignment processes.


Laser and chromatic confocal line profile sensors. These are ideal for high density data collection and pair nicely with our precision linear stages.


White light interferometry and fringe projection area sensors. Sense entire areas at once and stitch them together for even larger field of views.

Our machines and operator software are designed to be sensor agnostic. This enables our customers to apply the right sensor to the job every time.

Machine management and operator software

CaptureUI is a software application that enables automated scan control. At its core, CaptureUI brings sensor data acquisition and precision motion control together so that you don’t have to.

Scan planning

Use graphical tools to plan the scan path and data acquisition sequence. Save recipe files to be used over and over. Operator friendly tools.

Sensor management

Built-in sensor handling tools to make integrating a single or many sensors easy.

Machine coordination

Choose how you want the data and the machine will sync data acquisition and motorized positioning for you.

Measurement analysis

Output the scan data to many supported tools for full analysis of the results.

Example analysis tools

Showing TrueMap 6 by TrueGage

Showing Polyworks Inspector

See the equipment in action

Overview of motion for measurement sensors

Machine example: automated surface laser profiling

Working with us

Our team will walk you through the variety of options available to solve your application challenges. At each step along the way our experienced consultation is provided to make sure you receive equipment that exceeds your expectations. 

Application consultation

Our team will learn about your needs, make suggestions, and test your application in our lab as necessary.

Design engineering

You will use our engineering resources as an extension of your project team. We design the equipment while pulling from our experience.

Tool manufacturing

We manufacture the tool to completion within our large production facilities. ISO certified, clean, and environmentally stable facilities.

Acceptance and installation

We prove that the equipment meets and exceeds your project's success metrics and come on-site to train your team as required.

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.