Microscopy And Optical Profiling Platforms

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Unleash your microscope’s capabilities with extended travel positioning stages and incrased levels of automation to help reduce your operator’s burden. 

Structured Light

Keyence VR

Fast and accurate measurement results utilizing a white light projection system.                   

Product for this device

Large Format Stages – Base Product (LF-B)              

Laser Confocal

Keyence VK

Microscopy using focus variation, laser confocal, and white light interferometry techniques. 

Products for this device

Large Format Stage – Base Product (LF-B) and Expanded Product (LF-X)


Keyence VHX

High-resolution digital imaging with built-in measurement capabilities.                                                                                                                         

Products for this device

Large Format Stage – Digital Product (LF-D) and optional software (ScanX)

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