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Our customers sound off on what it was like to work with us on their metrology challenges. 

"We are now able to measure samples up to a size of 650 x 300 mm with high resolution using a laser scanning microscope"
Research Associate
Joanneum Research - Austria
Metrology Equipment

Fundamental Research

This project’s success depended on increasing the measurement volume accessible to the laser confocal microscope that was ideal to measure their large nanostructured materials.

"This machine helped to decrease our measurement time and streamline our process further"
Development Technician
Metrology Equipment

Batch Manufacturing

This project’s success was dependent on being able to measure large parts with high precision. What makes the machine special is the reduction in operator time that is required to operate it. 

Industries we serve


Use enabling technologies to measure and inspect your wafers, chips, and other semiconductor components. 


Reach the far corners of your devices and panels without sacrificing measurement accuracy or capability.  

Advanced Manufacturing

Measure and inspect parts and features created using advanced methods of manufacturing. 

Aerospace & Defense

Stay on the cutting edge of feature measurement and quality control.  

Consumer Electronics

Collect measurement data to understand your newest devices and to control the quality of manufacturing processes. 

Medical Device

Meet the quality requirements in the industry that demands the most. 

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