We leverage the best technology for you.

Our customer’s applications demand the best technologies. We are agnostic to the source of the sensing technologies available to the market. This allows us to use the technology that best fits the needs of our customers.  

Motion control

Moving sensors and parts relative to each other is our core competency.

Data Acquisition

Trigger data to be acquired at precise positions rather than using unreliable time delays.


Choose from the best-in-class microscopy technologies.


Variety is at your service. Get the right sensor for your needs.

Motion Control

We will help you choose from the widest range of in-house manufactured motion control and automation products ideal for precision measurement applications. 

Data Acquisiton

Take advantage of our industry-leading data acquisition methods. Acquire dense point clouds with sub-micron accuracies. 


We provide motorized positioning equipment and measurement routine automation software for a variety of microscopy technologies. 

Structured Light

Pattern projected light sources enable fast and accurate data capture.

Measurement Sensors

We apply a wide range of sensors to accomplish measurement tasks that burden our customers. 

Advanced Motion Control

Multi-axis motion, kinematic systems, and coordinated data acquisition are all core competencies that we deploy for our customers. 

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.