Single axis scanning stages


Stage Products

These stages are sent as kits to help get surface measurement data over a larger area quickly. Our customers look to us to supply all of the stage hardware and installation support needed to integrate with a measurement sensor’s controller. This allows them to focus their time on more important projects within their businesses.  

These stages are available in both linear and rotary versions. 

We’ve made it easy to purchase these kits by making them available online through our distribution partnership with Motion Plus.

An easy way to add motion to your measurement process

Do you need to scan your sensor over your part’s surface to capture area or profile data? Our single axis stage kits offer a quick and easy way to integrate your sensor with motion control. 

Surface profile coverage

You need to scan over a larger area. Our motorized stages and motion controller connect to the sensor controller. This enables larger area scanning.

Pre-configured stage kits

Don't have the in-house capabilities or time to select and implement the right motion control equipment? We supply all of the necessary hardware to get you up and running quickly.

Easy installation

Our equipment is thoughtfully designed to be plug-and-play with the sensor controller. Take the easy route this time and get a kit that works.

Flexible operation

Programmable scan lengths and speeds allow for a variety of scan properties to be used while measuring your surfaces. Built-in flexibility offers the ability to scan a wide range of surfaces.

Option # 1

Linear motorized scanning stages

Use a program or push button interface to move your part in a straight line while scanning with the non-contact sensor. 

Option # 2

Rotary motorized scanning stages

Use a program or push button interface to rotate your part while scanning with the non-contact sensor.

How do these kits work?

These motorized stages accurately position the surface being scanned and trigger the sensor controller to take measurement data at fixed distances.  The stage controller is programmable for scan length and speed. 

Cables that share stage position data and program signals are provided, and are plug-and-play with the sensor’s controller. 

The operator loads the part, clicks “run” in the motion controller software, and waits until the scan has completed. The sensor data is captured and displayed automatically.

Demonstration video

Kit contents

Data integrity is paramount

It is critical to understand the effects of introducing additional hardware into the measurement process. Here are the qualifications that our stage kits meet.

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

Help files, CAD downloads, and installation videos. Get in touch with your peak representative for the password.

Need more than a single stage?

Improved measurement capabilities are within reach.

Expand what your machine can do. Give your operators more tools and obtain a machine that is ready for the production floor.

Reasons you would need more capability

See what more capability looks like

Machine example: surface laser profiling

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Turn your metrology challenge into project success.