Measurement Sensor Positioning Equipment

Motorized positioning equipment for surface profiling and analysis

We manufacture motorized positioning stages and turn-key metrology tools for a variety of surface measurement applications. 

Measurement sensors we integrate


Laser, interferometric, and chromatic confocal point sensors. Ideal excellent accuracy and vertical resolution.


Laser and confocal line profile sensors. These are ideal for high density data collection.


White light interferometry and fringe projection area sensors. These work well when fast measurement times are desired.


Vision systems and cameras. Implemented for fiducial recognition, defect detection, and alignment processes.

Scanning stages

Product overview

Smaller, more cost effective, benchtop stages are ideal for process development or small batch manufacturing use cases. These stages are paired with a motion controller to make it easy for our customers to get moving quickly. 

Motorized scanning

Precision motion stages maximize the repeatability and accuracy of the measurement sensor.

Linear or rotarty

Scan parts using translation or rotation stages depending on the measurement you are interested in.

Fast installation

Prewired control panels are supplied with the stage. Get up and measuring quickly.

Examples of our work

Video demonstration

Using a motorized stage to scan the surface of a part.

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Profile measurement machines

Product overview

Our customers turn to us to design and build purpose-oriented surface measurement machinery. We integrate a wide range of commercially available sensors often preselected by our customers. Ultimately, we provide turn-key machines with operator control software and data output types that are meaningful to our users. 

Profile Measurement

Multi-axis motorized positioning systems

We help you build a tool with as many axes of motion as needed.

Integrated surface measurement sensors

Our sensor library runs deep, and customers value the ability for us to work with a variety of different sensors at once.

Programmable user software interface

Our machine control and measurement planning software is powerful while still being easy to implement.

User specified data output file types

Our customers have different measurement needs. They value our ability to output the data in the way that is most meaningful to them.

Examples of our work

Machine example video

Laser line scanning tool used for measuring 3D profile and contour.

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Thickness Measurement Machines

Our customers turn to us for true thickness measurements. This often means measuring both sides of a part’s surface simultaneously. This requires precision motion and stage to sensor alignments.

Product overview
Multi-axis motorized positioning systems

With top and bottom side part access design.

Total thickness variation (TTV) capable

Measuring areal thickness by synchronizing areal motion and data acquisition.

Programmable user software interface

Choose between areal surface profile data and true thickness data by a single mouse click.

Examples of our work

Machine example video

Laser scanning both sides of a surface to create a true thickness variation profile.

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Machine control software

CaptureUI is a software application that enables automated scan control. At its core, CaptureUI brings sensor data acquisition and precision motion control together so that you don’t have to.

Scan planning

Use graphical tools to plan the scan path and data acquisition sequence. Save recipe files to be used over and over. Operator friendly tools.

Sensor management

Built-in sensor handling tools to make integrating a single or many sensors easy.

Machine coordination

Choose how you want the data and the machine will sync data acquisition and motorized positioning for you.

Measurement analysis

Output the scan data to many supported tools for full analysis of the results.

Working with us

We will consult with you throughout every step of the process. This will reduce your risk and makes sure the machine meets all of your requirements.

Application consultation

Our team will learn about your needs, make suggestions, and test your application in our lab as necessary.

Design engineering

You will use our engineering resources as an extension of your project team. We design the equipment while pulling from our experience.

Tool manufacturing

We manufacture the tool to completion within our large production facilities.

Acceptance and installation

We prove that the equipment meets your needs prior to shipment and after it arrives.

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.