Enhanced Larger Stage Options for VHX Microscopes

Use additional software to get more out of your VHX microscope

Have you ever wanted to use your VHX microscope to measure larger parts, automate your process, or combine additional capabilities with the off-the-shelf Keyence unit? Well, we build large format stages and accessories that unlock more power from these already useful microscopes. 

Software for automated scan control

How does it work?

An additional software interface (ScanX) is used to communicate between the VHX microscope and the motion controller. The motorized stages can be jogged from this interface and an image acquisition routine can be programmed for automated scanning.

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Additional Features

ScanX software unlocks features that enable more applications to be solved by the VHX microscope. 

Large area stitching

ScanX enables larger area images to be stitched together when compared to the standard Keyence VHX software. ScanX includes a separate stitching routine that takes advantage of more powerful PC’s and memory allocation.

Position list functionality

Import or create position lists from known coordinates on your part’s surface for quick navigation and automated inspection.

More PC power

ScanX will run on the VHX controller PC, but for memory intensive applications it can be run on its own dedicated PC and monitor. This is ideal for small batch production and intensive R&D applications. A second monitor is suggested for this format.

Servo stage compatibility

Servo motor stages can be used in conjunction with ScanX software. These stages have many benefits that may make the difference in your application.

Motorized Tilt Stage

ScanX includes the functionality to control motorized tilt stages. These stages are used to rotate the microscope lens with respect to the surface of interest.

Demonstration of primary ScanX functions

ScanX is a software user interface that enables the VHX microscope to be used with larger travel positioning systems. 

Stage positioning and jogging

Use the jog pad to move the motorized stages. XY comes standard. VT (vertical and tilt) come optional.

Position lists and teaching routines

Use tables to predefine imaging areas to be captured. Reuse the position list for repetitive measurements.

Large area stitching

Specify an image area and overlap % and ScanX will create a stitched image.

See the equipment in action

You probably want to see the equipment in operation before any purchase. Check out the videos below to give you a better idea of what the motion looks like when positioning parts and samples using our equipment. 

Product overview video

Larger travel machine video

Catalog documentation

Want to learn the details behind our large format stage options for VHX microscopes driven by ScanX software? Download the PDF catalog. 

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

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