Single axis scanning stages


Scanning Stages

These motorized positioning stages that automate the scanning process of non-contact measurement sensors. We offer standard kits for certain sensors, but we can customize these stages as needed. 

We’ve made it easy to purchase these kits by making them available online through our distribution partnership with Motion Plus.

An easy way to add motion to your measurement process

Do you need to scan your sensor over your part’s surface to capture area or profile data? Our single axis stage kits offer a quick and easy way to integrate your sensor with motion control. 

Get it fast

Need something soon? Quick ship motorized stages are available to meet your project timelines.


Don't have the in-house capabilities or time to select and implement the right motion control equipment? We supply all of the necessary hardware to get you up and running quickly.

No compromises

The entire PM-1 platform is designed to maintain all sensor specifications. Don’t settle for noisy or degraded data - purchase with confidence that your sensor will perform as advertised.

Easy to use

Get “go/no-go” results with a literal push-of-a button! It really is that easy - one button push triggers motion, data collection, data analysis, and resets stage position for the next scan.


Moving part, fixed sensor

This is the most common configuration. The part moves on the motorized stage and the sensor remains fixed above.

Moving sensor, fixed part

Sometimes it makes more sense to move the sensor and not the part being scanned. The sensor can be mounted directly to the motorized stage in these cases.

Back to back sensors

Remove the “shadowing” effect of laser triangulation sensors by using a second sensor. 

Point sensors

The same scanning stages can be used with point sensors. Shown here is a CL sensor from Keyence.

Demonstration video

See how easy it is to operate our scanning stages. 

Scan/measurement definition process

Linear motorized scanning stages

Use a program or push button interface to move your part in a straight line while scanning with the non-contact sensor. 

Rotary motorized scanning stages

Use a program or push button interface to rotate your part while scanning with the non-contact sensor.

This scanning stage kit is ready to be paired with a sensor controller

We provide the remaining electronics and cables that you will need. Plug your sensor controller in and start taking scans.

Installation video

Follow this step by step video to see how one of our stages is set up and configured for its first use. This is also accompanied by a user manual which will be delivered with the stage. 

This video highlights the following topics:

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

Help files, CAD downloads, and installation videos. Get in touch with your peak representative for the password.

Need more than a single stage?

Improved measurement capabilities are within reach.

Expand what your machine can do. Give your operators more tools and obtain a machine that is ready for the production floor.

Reasons you would need more capability

See what more capability looks like

Machine example: surface laser profiling

Visit our multisensor product page

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.