Positioning Systems for VHX Microscopes

Measure more with your VHX microscope

Have you ever wanted to use your VHX microscope to measure larger parts, automate your process, or combine additional capabilities with the off-the-shelf Keyence unit? Well, we build large format stages and accessories that unlock more power from these already useful microscopes. 

Large travel stages

Your parts are big! We build motorized positioning stages with travels between 300 millimeters and 2.5 meters in length.

More automation

Add more to your automated data acquisition process. Reduce the amount of operator interaction and speed up your measurement cycle.

Easy installation

Our equipment is thoughtfully designed to be plug-and-play with the VHX microscope and its controller. Take the easy route this time!


Worried about technical support? Our people, help guides, and how-to videos will make sure your equipment is optimized for your needs.

Large format Stages

Positioning Stages for VHX Microscopes

These stages are ideal for users requiring larger measurement volumes underneath a digital VHX microscope from Keyence. 

Through the use of larger travel motorized stages, a precision motion controller, and an optional software interface these product increases the working area of the microscope. 

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Step 1: Choose your capability level

Option #1 - Base Capabilties

Keyence stage controller

A stepper motor controller from Keyence is used for XY motion

How does it work?

Stepper motor driven stages are commanded to move using the VHX-7000N controller and VK-S1000K stepper motor module. The VHX software and stage controls are used for XY motion. Optional handwheel driven or motorized longer travel Z stage (driven via joystick above).

Option #2 - Advanced Capabilities

Scan automation software control

A software interface is used to jog and program the stages

How does it work?

An additional software interface (ScanX) is used to communicate between the VHX microscope and the motion controller. The motorized stages can be jogged from this interface and an image acquisition routine can be programmed for automated scanning.

Which option is right for you?

Reasons to choose Option #1

Product catalog

Reasons to choose Option #2

Product Catalog

Step 2: Check off important considerations

Your application is unique. It is important to understand what decisions can impact the performance and capability of the equipment you buy. 

Do you need a vibration isolation system?

You want to maintain the performance of the microscope over a larger measurement area. We will help you understand your options.

A report describing how to quantify floor vibration can be found here. 

Do you need a wafer/part chuck?

It is important to hold the surface being imaged stable as the XY stages move. Our customers look to us for their part and wafer holding needs. We supply standard designs and custom manufactured chucks for a variety of part and wafer sizes.

Step 3: See the equipment in action

You probably want to see the equipment in operation before any purchase. Check out the videos below to give you a better idea of what the motion looks like when positioning parts and samples using our equipment. 

Product overview video

Larger travel machine video

Additional capabilities available with ScanX software

Software for automated scan control

ScanX handles communications between the Keyence VHX and the larger travel stages’ motion controller. It is also loaded with many useful features to further automate image acquisition routines. 

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Enabling features

Motion controller support

Native support for the the external motion controller enables larger and more industrial positioning stages to be used.

Scan setup tools

Program modules, patterns, or load in a table of image positions to direct the stages where to move. Stitching and autofocus are supported.

User tools

Define image file nomenclature, file save location, and use predefined reference marks to align each part before executing an automated scan.

Large area stitching

Stitch areas much larger than the off-the-shelf system from Keyence. Built-in stitching software gives you the flexibility to expand the area captured.

See what VHX features are supported

Demonstration of primary ScanX functions

ScanX is a software user interface that enables the VHX microscope to be used with larger travel positioning systems. 

Stage positioning and jogging

Use the jog pad to move the motorized stages. XY comes standard. VT (vertical and tilt) come optional.

Position lists and teaching routines

Use tables to predefine imaging areas to be captured. Reuse the position list for repetitive measurements.

Large area stitching

Specify an image area and overlap % and ScanX will create a stitched image.

Large area stitching

ScanX enables larger area images to be stitched together when compared to the standard Keyence VHX software. Very large images can be stitched as pyramidal TIFF images to retail full resolution and fast load times.

More PC power for more performance

ScanX will run on the VHX controller PC, but for memory intensive applications it can be run on its own dedicated PC and monitor. This is ideal for small batch production and intensive R&D applications. A second monitor is suggested for this format.

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

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