Larger positioning Systems for VHX Microscopes

Large format Stages

Image larger Surfaces

These motorized stages increase the working volume and payload capacity of the VHX microscope from Keyence. They are ideal for microscope users that need to image over larger surfaces or bigger trays of smaller parts. 


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Large travel stages

Your parts are big! We manufacture larger travel positioning stages, motors, and base structures to help you image them.

More automation

Add more to your automated data acquisition process. Reduce the amount of operator interaction and speed up your measurement cycle.

Easy installation

Our equipment is thoughtfully designed to be plug-and-play with the VHX microscope and its controller.


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Select a stage travel range that works for your application

300mm XY travel

Showing optional Z stage, granite, machine base, air isolation, wafer chuck, and ESTOP upgrades.

600mm XY travel

Showing optional Z stage, tilt stage, granite, machine base, tooling plate, and ESTOP upgrades.

Custom XY travel

Travel length and motion orientation is customizable to solve unique application challenges. 

Choose what stage control capabilities your project requires

There are two primary options to extend the travel of a VHX microscope stage. One is to use an existing Keyence VHX-7000N controller and simply extend the working area of the stages via the standard Keyence software interface. The other is to use an additional software interface to control the stages and to extend the capabilities of your imaging process. 

Option #1

Keyence Controlled XY Stages

Plug-and-play stages that work with the standard Keyence software interface and handheld console.

Available for the VHX-7000N and newer microscope models. Only a few features of the 7000 software are unavailable with the Peak stage:

  1. Focus view camera is unavailable
  2. Tilt axis is unavailable (and eucentric adjustment)
  3.  FI head collision prevention
  4. One push calibration
Contact your Keyence representative to see if these are software functions that you need.

Standard VHX-7000 user software. No additional software needed.

Keyence supplied VK-S1000K stepper motor controller. Peak Metrology supplied stage cable. 

  • XY stage travels up to 800mm x 800mm
  • Stage speeds up to 20mm/s
  • Stitch up to 23 x 31 individual images together
  • Stitch up to 50k x 50k pixels into a single image
  • Stitch 2D and 3D images together

Teaching routines that can be used to automated stage motion and the camera image acquisition process is not possible with the standard Keyence controller. At most, you can create one list of positions to acquire images at, but once the controller is powered off these positions are erased. 

See option 2 if you are interested in automation of the image acquisition process across the surface of your sample.

  • Focus adjustment (autofocus) is available through the Keyence Z stage. 
  • Full Z axis control is available with this option. Including Depth Stacking and 3D image stitching.

Option #2

Peak Metrology Controlled XY Stages

Additional software providing even more capabilities including larger area image stitching and recipe creation.

Available for VHX-6000 and newer microscopes. When using additional software such as ScanX the Keyence microscope is controlled in “remote” mode. Some Standard VHX features are no longer available in this mode. For a full list visit this page. 

Feature List for Remote Software Control

Contact your Keyence representative to see if these are software functions that you need.

Standard VHX-7000 user software. 

Additional ScanX stage control and image acquisition software. This software controls the VHX microscope through the remote interface. The software can be disconnected from the microscope when desired. 

Peak Metrology supplied motion controller for servo motor stages. This controller provides greater positioning accuracy and control over the XY stages. 

  • XY stage travels up to >1m x 1m
  • Stage speeds are programmable and can be set to >100mm/s
  • Stage accuracies vary depending on the stage selected and are <5um over the full 300mm travel
  • Stitch images >23 x 31 individual images in size
  • Stitch images >100k x 100k pixels
  • Stitch faster than the standard Keyence software. Also, stitching can be handled offline to allow for 100% image acquisition time.
  • Stitch the same size image up to 50% faster when compared to the standard Keyence VHX software stitching tool. (Ex: for a 23 x 31 size image which is ~50k x 50k pixels in size) 
  • Stitch only 2D images at a single focal plane (no Depth Stacking or 3D stitching available)

Automation of image acquisition over the surface of your sample is possible with this option. A position list program is created, and can be saved for use many times over.

As many recipe files as desired can be programmed in XYZT space. These files are in Excel or CSV format, and the position values that make up the file can be generated by an upstream process or taught on the tool itself.

Teaching Auto Measurement (measuring an image against a template) cannot be done with this option. If this is required, see Option #1. 

  • Focus adjustment (autofocus) is available through the Keyence provided Z stage. 
  • Full Z axis control is available when disconnected from the XY stages and connected to the Keyence VHX software directly. This includes Depth Stacking. 
  • Since the XY stage must be disconnected for Depth Stacking to work, 3D stitching or 2D stitching with Depth Stacking is not available with this option. The user must stitch images on a single focal plane.

Examples of our work

Image Gallery

Video Examples

Other equipment considerations

Your application is unique. It is important to understand what decisions can impact the performance and capability of the equipment you buy. 

Do you need a vibration isolation system?

You want to maintain the performance of the microscope over a larger measurement area. We will help you understand your options.

A report describing how to quantify floor vibration can be found here. 

Do you need a part holding surface?

It is important to hold the surface being imaged stable as the XY stages move. Our customers look to us for their part and wafer holding needs. We supply standard designs and custom manufactured chucks for a variety of part and wafer sizes.

Do you need a tilt stage?

We can help if you need to change the viewing angle of your microscope.

Mounting of the microscope and sample part

Step 1

Slide the Keyence Z stage onto the post that is provided by Peak Metrology. The post is pre-aligned and includes a self centering groove for microscope alignment.

Step 2

If ordered, we will provide a mounting plate for your part to be placed and/or attached. The plate will mount to one of the motorized stages. Ask us about the options we have to mount your specific parts and samples.

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

Help files, CAD downloads, and installation videos. Get in touch with your peak representative for the password. 

Turn your metrology challenge into project success.