Positioning Systems for VK-X Microscopes

Large format Stages

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These motorized stages increase the working volume and payload capacity of the Keyence VK-X laser microscope. They are ideal for microscope users that need to image over larger surfaces or bigger trays of smaller parts. 


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How it works

Motorized Stages and Automation

These stages are designed and built to be easily integrated with the Keyence VK-X microscope. The microscope head mounts directly to our product and setup is streamlined. We offer installation and training services to make it even easier. 

Product Catalog

Large Travel Stages for VK Microscopes

Our catalog covers many of the options that we provide to our customers. It includes:

Product Option

Vibration Isolation Systems

We have extensive experience controlling floor vibrations of all levels. We will help you maintain the performance of your microscope regardless of your environment.

Showing an air isolation system.

Showing acceptable vibration in the microscope image. Taken at 150x magnification on a glass optic.

Product Option

Part Holding Fixtures and Vacuum Chucks

Breadboard Fixture Plates

Anodized aluminum plates with a breadboard hole pattern. 

Porous Vacuum Chucks

Porous ceramic vacuum chucks. Square and round shapes available.

Multi-Zone Vacuum Chucks

Hard coated and ground aluminum vacuum chucks. Multi-zone selectable vacuum pattern. Cutouts for wafer placement and removal.

Custom Tooling and Fixtures

Use our engineering team to design a purpose-built fixturing solution.

Advanced Products

Automation Software for VK Microscopes

This product extends the functionalities of the off-the-shelf Keyence VK Viewer software. This product combines programming libraries provided with the Keyence VK-X alongside a programmable motion controller from Aerotech.

Choose the Features that Solve Your Application


Keyence Software

(VK Viewer)

Additional Software


Standard Autofocus, Mode Adjustment, and Lighting Controls



Create Navigation Images (Map View)



Stitching (Combining Individual Images)



Teaching (Recipe Programming)



Teaching Extended Z Stage and/or Rotational Stage Positions


Extended Autofocus Range


Lens Collision Prevention


Fiducial Alignment Using Precision Crosshairs and/or Rotary Stages


Programmable Retraction Moves and Safe Turret Rotation


Custom Programming (Scripting, Libraries, API, etc...)


Advanced Products

Enabling automation features

We provide a software user interface that enables the use of advanced motion controllers, additional height sensors, rotary stages and other tools. This software provides the means to further automate the microscope,  improve measurement throughput, and assists the operators in daily tasks. 

Faster Measurements

Our additional integration and software will improve the speed at which you measure parts. 

Time Reduction on Measurement Routines
0 %

Advanced Motion Controllers Optimizes Move Times

Height sensors eliminate time consuming focus routines

Operator Assist Tools

More automation features to assist your operators. Reduce your measurement risk. 

More Automation Tools
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Height Sensors Catch Lens Collisions Before They Happen

Extended Travel Z Stages Enable More Part Height Variability

Product Gallery

Examples of Our Work

Common applications for our stages



Material analysis

Additional Resources

Help files, CAD downloads, and installation videos. Get in touch with your peak representative for the password. 

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