Positioning Systems for VR Optical Profilers

Measure more with your VR optical profiler

Have you ever wanted to use your VR optical profiler to measure larger parts or combine additional capabilities with the off-the-shelf Keyence unit? Well, we build large format stages and accessories that unlock more power from these already useful microscopes. 

Large travel stages

Your parts are big! We build motorized positioning stages with travels between 300 millimeters and 800mm in length.

Factory floor ready

Use the VR to measure larger parts right on your production floor. Robust industrial stages, sturdy tables, and emergency stop functionality.

Easy installation

Our equipment is thoughtfully designed to be plug-and-play with the VR and its controller. Take the easy route this time!


Worried about technical support? Our people, help guides, and how-to videos will make sure your equipment is optimized for your needs.


Large Format - Base Stages for VR's

These stages are ideal candidates to increase the travel and payload capacity of your microscope and optical profiling systems. 

The platforms quickly adapt Keyence VR measurement heads to enable larger part measurement.  

A variety of accessories are available to meet the needs of customers in environments spanning from R&D to production.

Have questions? Contact an expert. 

How does this work?

These larger travel stages are stepper motor driven. This integration does not require any additional software. However, an additional control module is required from Keyence. 

Worried that the VR measurement head will not retain its performance once mounted to a larger stage? Read our white paper which demonstrates our ability to meet and exceed measurement performance.

Requirements for installation

The VR measurement head can be self-mounted on the positioning system. Consult us to determine the items needed from Keyence to make the hardware plug-and-play.

Large area stitching

Stitch up to 320 individual images, or just over a 300mm x 300mm area using these larger travel stages. 

See our article covering resolution vs measurement area coverage to verify your application’s requirements against our larger stage offering. 

Do you need a part holding surface?

It is important to hold the surface being imaged stable as the XY stages move. Our customers look to us for their part holding needs. We supply standard designs and custom manufactured chucks for a variety of part sizes.

See it in action!

Using the VR software to control an XY stage demo
Large gantry overview demonstration
Screw measurement demonstration
Overhead gantry (works with the VR too!)

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

Help files, CAD downloads, and installation videos. Get in touch with your peak representative for the password. 

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