Large Format - Expanded Platforms


Large Format - Expanded Platforms

These larger scale positioning systems expand the physical boundaries and automation capabilities of Keyence VK laser microscopes. 

Through the use of a scan automation software package your part of virtually any size and shape can be measured in a semi or fully-automated fashion. 

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software for automated scan control

The XpansionUI software application enables large scan volumes and process automation. This application replaces native Keyence motion control functions with enhanced capabilities. 

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Enabling Features

Motion Controller Support

Native support for the Aerotech Automation1 motion controller enables larger and more industrial positioning stages to be used.

User Tools

Measurement initiation, navigation image creation, large area stitching, teaching routines, and parameter library.

Advanced Tools

Built-in integration of other sensors, height checks and focus optimization, part rotation, rotary stage support, and fiducial registration.


This internally developed software application is customizable for unique application needs.

Using Industry Leading Measurement Analysis Tools

Measurement and Characterization

Measurement Data Reporting

Batch Analysis for Automation

XpansionUI Product Feature Video

Related Products

Base Platform

Larger travel stages that work with the standard software packages supplied with the VK-X and VR measurement devices from Keyence. 

Digital Platform

Larger Stage Motion and Automated Scan Routines for Keyence VHX Digital Microscopes.

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