Advanced Features for VK Microscopes

Additional capabilities for your off-the-shelf VK microscope

We offer a dedicated motion controller and software application that enables additional features in tandem with the VK microscope. This software application uses the Keyence VK programming libraries along with an advanced motion controller feature set. The user works out of this additional software application.

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3 reasons you would need our advanced controller and software


Rotary stage motion is required

Programming your measurement routine with a rotation stage often simplifies data acquisition.

Main benefits

Easier programming, faster data acquisition times, smaller machine footprints.


Additional height sensors are needed

Large height variation across a sample surface (> 250 microns) restricts lens focus abilities. 

Main benefits

Faster data acquisition times (often by a factor of 2 or more), lens collision avoidance, autonomous focus finding.


Very large stage motion

Sample size (>800mm) and/or payload weight (>50kg) requires the use of larger stages.

Main benefits

Fit and measure many more unique part shapes, measure your heaviest parts. 

#1 - Rotary motion

Rotary motion is helpful in many applications where programming in a rotationally symmetric space would streamline the data acquisition process.

A full report of rotary stages being used for alignment can be found here. 

Video Overview
Rotary stages in automated teach routines
Video Overview
Rotary stages for part alignment processes

#2 - Height sensors

If the surface you are measuring has heights that fall outside of the VK’s focus capabilities you will experience difficulty in automating the focal adjustment of the microscope. In addition, this may lead to collisions between the objective lens and sample surface often causing expensive damage.

Our solution:

An article describing the technical details about this approach can be found here:

Height sensor overview
Image gallery
Height sensor demo

#3 - Larger or unique stage motion

If your sample surface is large or complex, we can purpose build a unique motion system to move the sample or the microscope head. For example, long parts, flat sheets, or heavy objects are best suited for our purpose built machines. 

Our solution:

An article describing the technical details about this approach can be found here:

2+ meter travel of motorized positioning
800mm x 800mm x 200mm travel of motorized positioning

What does the advanced controller and software look like?

Motion controller for advanced equipment control
Additional software for power microscope users

Additional Resources

Educational articles, white papers, and videos to help you make more informed decisions about your equipment purchases. 

Help files, CAD downloads, and installation videos. Get in touch with your peak representative for the password. 

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