Peak Metrology Partners With IDC MicroInspection

New partnership enables core technologies for digital microscopes
Showing IDC MicroInspection operator software and a Peak Metrology larger travel microscopy platform.

PITTSBURGH, Nov 22, 2021 – Peak Metrology, a surface metrology capital equipment manufacturer, today announced the partnership with IDC MicroInspection. This partnership combines the equipment and hardware capabilities of Peak Metrology with the process knowledge and application software of IDC MicroInspection. Now, digital microscope customers benefit from new capabilities such as larger measuring volumes and increased image acquisition automation. Most notably, reliable positioning machines are now available with scan automation control software for seamless integration of Keyence VHX digital microscopes. 

“There was an impasse for customers trying to get the most out of their digital microscopes. This partnership with IDC solves that challenge and enables us to deliver a fully integrated product,” said RJ Hardt, Peak Metrology’s President. “It is important for us to help customers navigate the challenges of measuring larger parts as this is core to our company’s purpose, and IDC’s expertise and application software is what takes our solution across the finish line.”

Peak metrology offers capital equipment for precision metrology processes. IDC offers process knowledge and application software for a variety of industries. “Our proven software interface allows us to replicate useful features of digital microscopes while adding capabilities that previously did not exist,” said Thorleif Brandsberg, IDC MicroInspection’s General Manager. “Now we are pairing our products with a well-known equipment manufacturer to help more customers solve their precision inspection challenges.”

About Peak Metrology

Peak Metrology engineers and manufactures standard and purpose-built capital equipment for surface metrology processes. Working across the semiconductor, electronics, advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and medical device industries, Peak Metrology’s engineers solve customers’ complex surface metrology challenges with equipment solutions that leverage more than 50 years of experience. Customers trust Peak Metrology to deliver precision equipment that reduces measurement uncertainty and increases process automation. Learn more at

About IDC MicroInspection

IDC MicroInspection is specialized in automated microscopy, optical inspection, and precision engineering. The management’s 25 years of experience in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry and mechanical engineering, is the basis for the realization of customer projects. The Swiss family business was founded at the lake of Zurich in 2006 with the aim of developing sustainable and innovative machines and solutions. Learn more at

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